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Socialism . . . Seriously
A Brief Guide to Human Liberation
Opinion polls show that many people in the U.S. prefer socialism to capitalism. But after being declared dead and buried for decades, socialism has come to mean little more than something vaguely less cruel and stupid than what we have now. That's not exactly going to inspire millions to storm the barricades.

Danny Katch brings together the two great Marxist traditions of Karl and Groucho to provide an entertaining and insightful introduction to what the socialist tradition has to say about democracy, economics and the potential of human beings to be something more than being bomb-dropping, planet-destroying racist fools.
  • "Danny Katch has done the impossible: he makes socialism sexy. Socialism... Seriously is eye-opening, inspiring, and funny. Warning to all Democrats, Republicans, and libertarians: this book might turn you into a closet socialist."
    —Judah Friedlander, World Champion

    "The most hilarious book about socialism since Karl Marx and his brother Harpo wrote their joke book.”
    —Hari Kondabolu

    "I've been waiting for someone to write this book—a lighthearted, easy read that packs an intro course on socialism into a short volume. With jokes anthem made me laugh out loud, and a lot of heart. Socialism is for lovers. indeed."
    —Sarah Jaffe, host, Dissent Magazine's "Belabored" podcast

    “The funniest, smartest, and most dangerous political writer you neverheard of is Danny Katch.”
    —Dave Zirin, sports editor, The Nation

    “Danny Katch brings the socialist vision to life — Socialism, Seriously is incredibly readable.”
    –Bhaskar Sunkara, editor, Jacobin

    “Danny Katch has better comic bomb sights than Jon Stewart: his outrageous, passionate sarcasm always falls exactly on target. The Democratic Party, as we used to say in the day, is the killing joke.”
    —Mike Davis, author, In Praise of Barbarians

    “If the Communist Manifesto and America’s Funniest Home Videos had a baby, it would be Danny Katch’s new book. It’s a hilarious and fun way to think about what’s wrong with our world, how it could be different, and how we might get there. Keep an extra copy of Socialism, Seriously in your bag and hand it to the next person who asks you what socialism is all about; as long as that person is not your boss… seriously.”
    –Brian Jones, educator and socialist activist

    “If socialism is such a great idea, why don’t we have it yet? This book explains why with plain language, humor and common sense. If enough people read this book, it might spark the revolution.”
    –Howie Hawkins, 2014 Green Party candidate for governor of New York

    “This book is a well written and funny introduction to revolutionary socialism. Katch is a US humourist and activist and his wit, sincerity and passion run right through the book. He avoids use of jargon, making the book accessible to those without any prior knowledge of leftist thought, while simultaneously making it an amusing and sometimes uplifting read for those who are already familiar with his basic argument.” –Counterfire

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